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Download "Columbus’s America", "Save Yourself" & "Let it Shine" !

I have some great news, especially for those of you OUTSIDE Lebanon, and who still didn’t have the chance to listen to our music. Three songs of our album are now available for DOWNLOAD ('Right-click' and 'Save target as'):


1-      "Columbus’s America" that played on radio NRJ-Lebanon for 3 months peaking at 4th on NRJ-TOP-20.

2-      "Save Yourself" that later followed and played for 2 months on NRJ-Lebanon reaching the 15th spot.

3-      "Let it Shine" the theme song of the album that had really good feedback throughout our debut.


Guys I really recommend downloading these songs, I’m sure you will love them!

Spread it out to the world! Show them Lebanese got talent!


Lots of love, Yasser and Karim.

The Virtuals - "Let it Shine" in stores!

You can get our debut album "Let It Shine" now! The Album includes 8 songs ranging from Classical Rock to Metal, plus 2 radio edits, all recorded at Karim's Home-Studio in Tripoli, Lebanon.

After 2 consecutive weeks at #1, The Virtuals - "Let it Shine" stayed for 8 weeks in the TOP 20 selling albums in Virgin Megastores (in Lebanon) for international artists!!

You can get your album for ONLY 10$ from any Virgin Megastore branch in Lebanon:
      - ABC (Ashrafiyeh)
      - CityMall (Géant-Dora)
      - Opera (Downtown Beirut)
      - Duty Free shop (Beirut International Aiport)

And if you live in the north of the country:
      - Solitaire music store, Instruments Garage Tripoli (Tel: 06-212263)

Who are we?

The band is formed by Karim Naghi and Yasser Zahabi. We're a 2-member "Rock" band from Lebanon, where Yasser mainly writes the lyrics and does the singing, and Karim takes care of all the music composing, arranging, recording, mixing and mastering...

For more information about the band, Karim and Yasser click on The Band.

The Virtuals on radio NRJ 99.1 !!

We're so proud to say our debut song Columbus's America kept playing on radio NRJ for more than 3 months, where it stayed in the TOP20 charts for 11 weeks, reaching a highest position at 4th on NRJ TOP 20!! Here's a sample of our song: Virtuals - Columbus's America (Sample).mp3

Moreover, another song in the album, Save Yourself made it to NRJ and played for another 2 months, where it stayed in the TOP20 charts for 5 weeks, reaching a highest position at 15th! Virtuals - Save Yourself (Sample).mp3

Live Interview with Dave Asher on NRJ
The Virtuals had an exclusive interview with Dave Asher on the 17th of January during the Morning Live on NRJ.
In case you couldn't listen to it Live, you can now Download the interview which is posted on

The Virtuals Live!

For the summer of 2008, The Virtuals teamed up with lebanese musicians to form a complete band especially for live performances. They opened the outdoors concert organized by Virgin Megastore Friday June 6th Downtown Beirut, and also performed at the outdoors in Balamand University (Koura-North) Saturday June 7th.


Their temporary lineup consisted of:

- Yasser Zahabi: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

- Karim Naghi: Lead Guitar

- Abdallah Bissar: Bass Guitar

- Ziad El-Deek: Keyboards

- Nasser Zawk: Drums

The Virtuals on TV

---> The Virtuals appeared during “Up-2-Date” on LBC! This is a one hour show that talks about movies, actors, celebrities and music.

-          Sunday June 1st, 10 p.m. ET (Eastern Time): LBC-USA&Australia

-          Thursday June 5th, 10:30 p.m. (Beirut Time): LBC SAT

-          Saturday June 7th, 11 p.m. (Beirut Time): LBC (Local Network)

---> The Virtuals appeared on Rotana-Music TV Wednesday 7th of May during "Chart Attack". This is a new show on Rotana-Music that talks about international music charts.

---> The Virtuals had a Live Interview on OTV during the “Yawm Jadid” show on Friday 11th of April at 9:00 a.m. in the morning. And also another Interview on Orbit TV during the “Ouyoun Beirut” show on Thursday 13th of March at 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon (Beirut time).